All of us are surrounded by glass, in our cars, in our homes, and commercial buildings. Sunlight causes damage to interiors, and makes life uncomfortable for our families, pets, employees and customers.

The solution is to have window film fitted, which can filter sunlight or reflect it. Window film can also improve the safety of glass.

Why Tint Your Car?
Window Tinting Adds Style Styling. A lot of people tint their windows because they like the look, which adds a styling element to the car that untinted windows do not.
Window Tinting for Security Privacy. Window tinting enhances your privacy and protects the contents of your car. You can see out of a car with tinted windows, but it is more difficult to see in. What can't be seen is less likely to be stolen.
Window Tinting Blocks Sunlight Keep Cool. Block the sunlight on a hot day. Your car's interior can be considerably cooler during those hot summer days with proper tinting.
Window Tinting Reduces Fading Reduce Fading. Car upholstery can fade and crack due to heat and UV rays. Window tint films act as a sunscreen for your vehicle.
Window Tinting for Safety Safety. In the event of an accident, window films can help shattered glass to hold together, protecting you and your passengers.
Tinted Windows Reduce Glare Reduce Glare. Drive safer by reducing dangerous glare from the sun, snow and car headlights.
Window tinting is advantageous in both domestic and commercial buildings for similar reasons to vehicles.
Style & Shield Window Tinting
We supply and fit window film in a large variety of shades and opacity for
Vehicles, Houses and Commercial Premises.
Film can be reflective or non-reflective, or even an etched effect. While security film is used to protect in the event of breakage.