Paint Protection Film for Cars and Bikes
Style & Shield for Paint Protection Film
Paint Protection Film Being Applied Remember that first paint chip that you got on your brand new vehicle?
You want to keep it looking new for as long as possible and we can help you do that with VentureShield™ Paint Protection Film!

VentureShield™ Paint Protection Film is a durable urethane paint protection film with excellent elasticity properties and optical clarity. Designed to reduce stone chip, minor abrasion and environmental damage to car and motorcycle paintwork and headlights, without altering the vehicle's appearance. VentureShield is OEM tested and motorsport approved for the harshest environments on 2 or 4 wheels, and comes with a 5 year limited warranty against material defects.

Paint Protection Film Being Applied Paint Protection is a Lasting Investment. If it doesn't get scraped or too damaged and is cared for (it's a paint protection film, so if you scrape a wall the film may get damaged but your paint should be fine underneath) it should easily last for years. If needs be, you can remove the film and fit a new part without buying a new full kit.
When you come to resell the vehicle, the paintwork underneath the film will be as good as the day it was installed, so should command a higher resale price than a damaged vehicle.

Style & Shield for Paint Protection Film
We have templates for most models of car (and bike) from 2000 onwards. These are precisely plotter-cut at our premises ready to fit your particular model and derivative of vehicle. The film is then installed in our clean environment.
We can also supply motorcycle kits for the DIY market.

Style & Shield for Paint Protection Film
Paint Protection Film -  Exploded panel view

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